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High on the chalky downs overlooking the south coast, Peter Nye rears award-winning beef for us on his 1,200 acre family farm.

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Peter’s animals spend their entire lives outdoors, all year round, even calving naturally out in the fields. These rolling hills give them vast areas of good grazing and encourage plenty of exercise, essential to growing high quality, tender beef. When necessary the grazing is supplemented by feed made from Peter’s home-grown barley. All Peter’s cattle are slaughtered locally, within 15 miles of the farm, to minimise stress to the animals.


The cattle in this closed herd are native breeds, mostly Dexters or Dexter-Angus crosses, perfectly suited to this terrain. They are generally finished between 18 and 30 months to produce a small to medium carcase of consistent quality which we can butcher into very ‘user-friendly’ joints and cuts. After hanging our beef for three to four weeks, the meat is full of flavour, deliciously tender, well marbled and with a good layer of firm, creamy fat. Whichever cut you choose and however you cook it – we can advise you on the best methods for each cut – we think you’ll be impressed – this really is some of the best beef we’ve tasted.

Farm to butcher – 22 miles

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